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Lizone High Performance Laptop Battery for Apple PowerBook G4 12" A1022 A1060 A1079 M8984

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Quick Overview

  • PowerBook G4 12" A1022 A1060

  • Voltage: 10.8 Volts

  • Capacity: 5200 mAh(56Wh)

  • Chemistry: Li-ion  | Cells: 6

  • MPN: A8984-GS-06S

  • Color: Silver | Net Weight: 13 Oz

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Lizone High Performance Laptop Battery for Apple PowerBook G4 12" A1022 A1060 A1079 M8984

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To ensure 100% compatibility, please match part number in the title before buying. The laptop model alone does not guarantee 100% compatibility as same models can use different part numbers. Part numbers can be found on the back of each part.
If you are not sure about the compatibility of this item or need help finding out the part number you need, feel free to email us through Amazon before placing your order, we will respond you within 24 hours!

Compatible Part Numbers:  A1022 A1060 A1079

A1022, A1060, A1079, M8760, M8760LL/A, M8984, M8984G, M8984GA, M8984G/A, M9324,  M9324G, M9324GA, M9324G/A, M9324J/A, M9572G/A, M9572J/A, APS BL1334

Work with Apple Laptop Models: 

 PowerBook G4 12 M8760LL/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M8760
 PowerBook G4 12 M8760*/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M8760B/A 
 PowerBook G4 12 M8760S/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M8760T/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M8760Y/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007B/A 
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007CH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007J/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007KH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007LL/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007SA/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9007ZH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008B/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008CH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008J/A 
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008KH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008LL/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008SA/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9008ZH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9183
 PowerBook G4 12 M9183J/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9183LL/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9183X/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9184
 PowerBook G4 12 M9184J/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9184LL/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9184X/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9690*/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9690CH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9690LL/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9690X/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9691*/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9691CH/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9691LL/A
 PowerBook G4 12 M9691X/A
PowerBook G4 15" Aluminum Series:

M8980J/A, M8980LL/A, M8981J/A, M8981LL/A, M9421, M9421LL/A,
M9422, M9422LL/A, M9676*/A, M9676B/A, M9676CH/A, M9676F/A,
M9676HK/A, M9676J/A, M9676KH/A, M9676LL/A, M9676TA/A, M9676X/A,
M9676Z/A, M9677*/A, M9677B/A, M9677CH/A, M9677F/A, M9677HK/A,

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